The Storm – Poem

The Storm

We stand before its exhaling breath,

With feet firmly rooted in friendly earth.

The blue lungs of the beast suck our air dry.

Observe nature delivering its mirth.

Frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog,

Hammering its shield to test our worth.

Drawing us closer with a sparkling retreat,

We succumb to its immovable girth.

One breached arm to wave defeat,

To the cavalry charge of the surf.

We exist again as we did before,

A return to our place of birth.


Poetry For Kids

Good Morning Pon Dog!

I woke up early this morning,

Because I really had to go.

I got into my yard,

This music was in full flow.


Now I sat and I listened to that bird song.

It made my head tilt to-and-fro.

Whatever they are uttering,

It’s really quite the show.

But we don’t speak the same language,

So I doubt I’ll ever know!


Vantage Point – Poem

Vantage Point

A bird flickers across the horizon,

It’s a musical note in reverse.

I’m reading the pages of a sunset,

No structure in the verse.

It’s an instrument of time,

From a view somewhere sublime.

Someone looking from over the hill,

An opposing soul to rhyme.

If they can see what I see,

Then how far could we be?

From finding peace and solace,

To life we’ve found the key.


Young Lovers – Poem

Young Lovers

I saw a beautiful thing today.

It curtailed my thoughts

And whisked me away.

Reminding me of youth,

It looked to the future.

This brought home a truth,

And provided the suture.

We must lift our heads,

And open our eyes.

For when a face looks down

It fills a heart with lies.

To savor the beautiful moments in your day.

Once or twice,

Is enough.

To keep the ghosts at bay.